More consistensy in GNOME

Since last time I blogged I have filed another consistensy bug for GNOME… but it seems people confuse consistensy with a specific behavior. The Nautilus sorting bug is about having Nautilus, File Roller, Open/Save File Dialog and others to sort list of files the same way - not a specific way… just the same way. The Gedit and gnome-terminal bug is about using the same keyboard shortcut keys for shifting between tabs - not a specific key combination.

Both bugs are made dupes of other bugs IMHO isn’t the same bug… it might be related but still it is NOT the same bug.

It seems to me that people are more interested in getting rid of bug reports that understand what the bug is acutally about. In my eyes it looks like people are trying to push responsibillity away. I don’t care if it is GTK’s “problem” or what ever. If you think it is GTK problem the file the bug with GTK… or encurage me to do it - I wouldn’t mind. My problem is that I’m not into how all this bug repoting works (when crossing the boundaries of a single project). I feel insecure and afraid of doing it all wrong. Comon lets get a dialog started - help me help you.

This post was an other way to say that I’m disappointed :-(

New battery for X40

The last 4 months my battery life on my laptop has becomming really bad. Mid december it died after a year and four months of good service. Last week I ordered and recieved a new one - yay!

Right now I’m sitting in the train on my way home from work. Just finished watching the movie “You got served” on my laptop - a street dance movie. I can only say one thing… they surely know how to move :-)

Consistensy in GNOME

I use GNOME both at work and at home and I love it. Though one thing have annoyed me a lot lately and that is that shifting through tabs in gnome-terminal and gedit uses different keyboard shortcuts.

So now I filed a usability bug on that very issue.

I hope it gets fixed for GNOME 2.14 (Dapper Drake). Having gedit with VFS support (like editing files directly over ssh), gnome-terminal with better performance (through all the work put into Pango - the font rendering library), it will be a killer release… at least for me.

World of Warcraft patch 1.8

After the 1.8.0 patch World of Warcraft doesn’t work for me again. I’m unable to click on things ingame :-( (This applies to the latest 1.8.1 patch too).

This sucks because now I have to boot into Windows again.

Anyways, I have played alot the last few weeks and have become level 53. I might hit level 60 before Christmas… YEAH! I’m not going to set higher goals… my girlfriend might not like it ;-)

I have been reading more on the items and quests in the game, and I’m begining to realize that I wont ever get near some of the really cool stuff :-(

Pure Pwnage

Some time ago a friend of mine introduced me to Pure Pwnage, and yesterday I took the time to watch all episodes.

It is a video show about a “pro” gamer who totally own noobs… and stuff, LOL. First I was like, okay I’ll watch, but I know he dosn’t own as much as me - rite, then I’m okay he is cool and all - you know.

Okay enought of the wierd Pure Pwnage thounge :-D If you are just a tiny bit into computer games, I’m sure you will find this worth while watching - ENJOY.