My WINE games status

To night I tried to play a few games with WINE (NOT Cadega) on my Ubuntu Hoary system. Here is what I found out so far:

World of Warcraft

NOGO WoW version 1.6.1. Patches apply, game starts, you can login and select a character og play with it. But it there is a bug which makes it nearly impossible to click on any in-game items such as NPC’s, mailboxes etc. I read on some mailinglists that if you put the camara just right you are able to click on them. Preferable when you can have nothing but sky behind the object you want to clock at (yeah something like running around looking up in the sky all the time). From what I have read on the mailing lists it seems to be a Blizzard bug… a few Windows users suffers from this too. Comon Blizzard… we are so close now. The game seems to run alot faster under Linux in WINE than on my Windows XP partition (though it havn’t been reinstalled for years now, so perhapes it isn’t a fair comparisson).

Update: It is actually a YEAH. Take a look at my post about WoW i Ubuntu Breezy

Sid Meier’s Pirates

NOGO Can’t make the game install. I get an error code 1628 at once. It seems that the game uses a MSI installer, but I havn’t found any guides (yet) on how you install the game, but perhapes installaing a native MSI would solve the problem (guide located in the bottom of this post). Haven’t tried to copy from my Windows partition

Risk II

NOGO Yeah this is an old game which I usually play with the guys when we make some of our small lan-parties. There is no visual evidence (spalsh screen, menu, mouse cursor etc.) that the game actually starts, it just dies almost before it is excecuted.

Warcraft III

YEAH Remove movies from the Movies/ directory. Apply a no cd patch and the game will run with the -opengl option. Haven’t looked into playing on Battle.Net… yet.

Here is a few good reads:

Wifi applet for GNOME

I have to try this [applet][1] out for size. [1]:

My GNOME bugs

My GNOME bugs - only 2 so far… not much. Just wanted to save the link somewhere where I can always find it :)

Mailgraph on antivirus / antispam mail relay

The last couple of days I have tinkered with a new antivirus / antispam server at work. Its foundation is a Debian Sarge running Postfix, Spamassassin, ClamAV through Amavis-ng (Amavis is installed from current unstable) and of top if it all mailgraph.

All packages was taken from the stable Debian release - Sarge, except of amavis-ng which does not exist in Sarge. This package was instead downloaded from unstable… fortunately it had no dependencies from unstable what so ever.

The documentation on the Spamassassin homepage is great which is just the opposite for amavis-ng which seems non-exsisting. The configuration file shipped with Debian makes up for the lack of documentation. It seems that amavis-ng should be a (more modular) reimplementation of amavisd-new. Even though people on the mailinglists recommend amavisd-new :-D

I have a serious problem keeping my hands off the bleeding edge stuff so I couldn’t resist installing amavis-ng. I have tried using it before, but at that time I couldn’t make it fork (it became a serious bottleneck). I’m not saying that it didn’t work, it might as well hav been me. Though I cannot seem to find the difference from my previous installation and my new one. Anyway it seems to fork correctly in this new installation and to test the virus filter I recommend this web site

The reason why I write this entry is because I made some changes to mailgrap to make it work the way I wanted. Read on to see what (small) changes I made.

  • First I changed the startup script to be able to use 2 log files (one for emails and one for virus). Code for /etc/init.d/mailgraph:

    if [ -f $MAILGRAPH_CONFIG ]; then
      exit 0
    test -x /usr/sbin/ || exit 0
    if [ "$IGNORE_LOCALHOST" = "true" ]; then
    case "$1" in
        echo -n "Starting Postfix Mail Statistics: $NAME"
        if [ -f $VIRUS_LOG ]; then
          start-stop-daemon -S -q -b -p $PID_FILE -x $DAEMON -- --only-mail-rrd -l $MAIL_LOG -d --daemon_rrd=$RRD_DIR $IGNORE_OPTION
          start-stop-daemon -S -q -b -p $PID_VIRUS_FILE -x $DAEMON -- --daemon-pid=$PID_VIRUS_FILE --only-virus-rrd -l $VIRUS_LOG -d --daemon_rrd=$RRD_DIR $IGNORE_OPTION
          start-stop-daemon -S -q -b -p $PID_FILE -x $DAEMON -- -l $MAIL_LOG -d --daemon_rrd=$RRD_DIR $IGNORE_OPTION
        echo "."
        echo -n "Stopping Postfix Mail Statistics: $NAME"
        if [ -f $PID_FILE ]; then
          kill `cat $PID_FILE`
          rm $PID_FILE
        if [ -f $PID_VIRUS_FILE ]; then
          kill `cat $PID_VIRUS_FILE`
          rm $PID_VIRUS_FILE
        echo "."
        $0 stop
        $0 start
        $0 restart
        echo "Usage: $0 start|stop|restart|force-reload"
        exit 1

    Remember to define the virus log file in /etc/default/mailgraph ;-)

  • Second I modified the code because I didn’t recognize the output from Amavis (ClamAV):

    Jul 25 20:04:59 gargoyle amavis[18319]: CLAMD found: Jul 25 20:04:59 gargoyle amavis[18319]: Eicar-Test-Signature Jul 25 20:04:59 gargoyle amavis[18319]: AMAVIS::MTA::SMTP: Dropping message (Message-ID: )

    It might be because I use amavis-ng, I dunno. But I found a line to put into /usr/sbin/ Around line 596 within the amavis case put this:

    elsif($tqext =~ /^\CLAMD found\b/) {
        event($time, 'virus');

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