One laptop comming up

After working alot on-site I found it necessary to buy a laptop. My top demands for a laptop ordered by importance:

  • quality
  • 12" screen
  • long battry time
  • not to heavy (well not many if any 12" laptops are)
  • style

I had a hard time choosing between an Apple Powerbook and IBM Thinkpad but I ended up with a IBM X40 Thinkpad with 512MB RAM 8 cell battery (7.5 hours working time). It also has a build in wireless card supporting the a, b, and g standard, a 10/100/1000 ethernet card and bluetooth. What more can a geek like me wish for :)

Apple is also cool and I relly - I mean RELLY like the look and feel of a Power Book and OSX. Apple have great taste in style, and I just love the eye-candy. Now GNU/Linux and GNOME have to do… not that thats going to be a problem, me beeing a Linux and GNOME lover ;)

Stressing of after working late on a saturday

Saturday was spent working the entire day (and some of the night too). I wasn’t home until 1.00 AM sunday morning. Even thought you should think so I didn’t sleep that well. I wasn’t sure if I would be called to work again today. Nobody have called me yet telling me ‘the house’ is on fire so I’m beginning to relax.

A few hours of Metriod Prime has also helped :)


Yesterday I went to a birthday (grill) party held be a friend of mine from university. I was a great party eventhough it rained and mainly boys attended. Well I had a lot of fun, and a few beers :-D

I talked to a guy there who manages a floorball team on Nørrebro in Copenhagen. I will try to pull myself together and contact him and start playing. I have been talking about finding a floorball team for a long time now.

I hope I have the time to both keep dancing breakdance and playing floorball, but if I have to choose breakdance is my priority.

Ever biched over IE not being able to use transparent PNG's?

Well I have!!

Some days ago I found a link to a hack on Jakub ‘jimmac’ Steiner’s homepage.

I have now made a function in PHP which automaticaly uses this workaround in IE. Take a look at the code below.

$localDocumentRoot = str_replace($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],

//$image is an array
/* This is a hack to use PNG transparentsy in IE */
function transparentImage($image, $ie) {
  global $localDocumentRoot;
  //The str_replace makes sure that images with spaces is also recognized
  $imageFile = getimagesize( str_replace(' ','%20',
  $localDocumentRoot.$image['src'] ) );
  if($ie) {


style=" filter:progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.\AlphaImageLoader(src='',
sizingMethod='scale');" > </div>

<img src=""



//Now run the function
$image['src'] = "/gallery/image.png";
$image['id'] = "unique_image";
$image['class'] = "image";
$image['alt'] = "Image example with transparent PNG images";
$image['title'] = "Tooltip for image";

transparentImage($image, true);

Tomorrow I will take a look at this post to make sure that I havet posted shitty code ;) Perhapes I can find a way so that Serendipity doesn’t fuck with the layout?!

Pixel failuer - WTF!?!

Yesterday I recieved my my TFT monitor which I had been looking forward to all day. While I unwrapped this super slim eight wonder of the world I thought: “This really rocks”!

And I did… until I discovered a pixel error on the monitor :(

Monday I will send it back and order a new one :-/