Backup with rdiff-backup

Why do I have to learn the hard way?!?

When you want to write rm *~ dont stop half way there (rm *). Luckily It was only a few templates for the developer version of Debianart that got wiped, but it has delayed kick off yet again. Perhapes next weekend?

But the event made me look at a way to backup my important files. A colleague recommended rdiff-backup for backup and I have look at it and found it worthy :) I have used some examples I found on the net to get a picture on how it works. The good news is that rdiff-backup exists as a Debian package.

Laptop sleep/resume

I have trouble making my laptop resume after I finally got it to sleep. I have reported a bug on the problem. It seems that it is making progress… though I will test some more to se if I have made mistakes :( It seems I’m good at that.

No pixel errors YE

I’m a happy owner of a new Samsung 172X…. WITH NO PIXEL ERRORS. Did I mention that I’m very happy.

Update: I have added a few low quality pictures

Protection for my laptop

I have continued my spending spree… I have bought little bag for my laptop to protect it under transport. Until now I have been wrapping it into an old poloshirt (not even my own - thanks Stoffer for the borrow, but hey you didn’t use it anyway ;-) ). The bag is designed for PowerBook’s but it fits my IBM X40 okay, even though I have the large battry.

Here are som pictures:

Spending my first salary

Starting from September, I have been employed at Casalogic where I until now have been working freelance. My first paycheck has reached my bank account and I’m now surfing the web for the best way to spend it :)

I have ordered the following:

  • Nintendo Wave Bird controller (for GameCube)
  • Sid Meier's Pirates (no - not the old classic... but this remake will probably be a classic too)
  • Samsung 172X TFT (please no pixel errors this time!!!)
  • DVI cable (for the monitor)