Lack of CMYK support in GIMP 2.0

At work I have been working on some graphics for an CD production. But the graphics for print needs to be delivered in TIFF CMYK format. For this I found a CMYK plug-in for GIMP.

The installation is a bit tricky for GIMP 2.0 under Linux (haven’t tried the other versions/platforms). First the installation guide doesn’t mention GIMP 2.0 for Linux second it differs from the 1.2 installation guide.

The binary provided in the file for GIMP 2.0 under Linux isn’t compiled for GIMP 2.0 but for the development version 1.3. This means that you either have to make symlinks on your system for the plug-in to hit the correct libs, or compile yourself.

I compiled the source myself and installed the plug-in i my .gimp-2.0/plug-ins/-dir because I don’t like to tinker to much with filesystem outside /home.

To compile you need the following dev-libs:

rohan:~# apt-get install libgimp2.0-dev liblcms1-dev libtiff4-dev

I also had to modify the Makefile to use GIMP 2.0 libs instead of 1.3.

The GIMP 1.2 installation also mentions the file: sRGB Color Space Profile.icm But this file isn’t provided by the GIMP 2.0 files you can download on the homepage. I found the file in the download for GIMP 1.2 instead.

I would be nice if the plug-in was provided by a Debian package.

IP telephone

Today I signed up for IP telephony at Musimi - a danish IP telephony provider. I also bought a IP telephone analog telephone converter. Last thuesday I reseeved a ZyXEL wireless access point with build in router and LAN/WAN interface. I’m getting prepared to move to my new appartment, now I’m only missing a internet connection (the most important). Who needs food when they have all their geek toys, heh. :-D

Weekend sum up

This weekend started with a great friday evening in the cinema Biocity in Taastrup, with a friend of mine watching The Incredebles. This movie is one of the coolest 3D animation movies I have ever seen. Edna mode…. and guest.

After the movie we just talked about stuff and listened to music and I bought Coldplay from CD-WOW. A

Saturday I spend with another friend. We where supposed to play the new Sid Meier’s Pirates which release date I thought was yesterday. Instead we got sentimental and looked back to the glory days where games like Syndicate, Pirates and The Secret of Monkey Island where the hot stuff. We ended up playing through the first half of Escape from Monkey Island. It wasn’t that hard because I have solved the puzzles before, though never completed the game… until today that is ;)

Now I only need to complete Grim Fandango to have completed all Lucas Arts adventure games back to The Loom.

Debian Sarge on IBM X40 howto - Part 10: Suspend

I have just installed a 2.6.9 kernel and now my laptop wakes after suspend with acpi. But as soon it has awoken it stats to shutdown :(

I have to find out why this happens… but it is getting there YE YE :-D

Update: Suspend actually works now. Just me who thinks you have to wake the computer up with the power button. (I had disabled lid-suspend because it didn’t work with earlier kernels).

Debianart finally updated

After yesterdays small data loss I have been working hard tonight to prepare the site for the update that I have been working on for so long now. All the pieces seem to have fallen together now and the new site seems to be running just fine.

The transission to Smarty and an enchanced data structure was hard work by I hope that it eventually will pay off. I have made a small update to the 3 old wallpapers. I have removed my email from them which was tagged on the lower left corner.

Next step(s) for the Debianart website:

  • Different sorting of submissions (oldest, top downloads etc.)
  • Graphics and news submissions directly from users
  • Give me your ideas!!!

Now I’m tired :)