Last night I bought the domain I’m hoping to put a site togeter which only focus on graphics for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Like wallpapers, splashscreens, icons etc.

I will have to setup a homepage for this and apart from a gallery/download page I was thinking of adding a wiki page where we can write documentation/tutorials for specific styles of icons, wallpapers etc.

Let’s se how it goes :)

Howto: A better weblog

Today I found an article covering things to keep in mind when you creates weblogs or just websites. I hope I get the time to take a closer look… I only read about half the entries.

More Debian wallpapers

After making my first wallpaper I got a lot of idears I wanted to realize… and now I have (with some of them). I have added two new wallpapers to my files section called ‘First love’ (the red) and ‘Natures gift’ (the green). You can see a thumb of them right here in this post.

My first wallpaper I also uploaded to and I have allready had almost 200 downloads. This is cool :)

Debian wallpaper

Update: It seems a lot find my wallpaper through this entry, so I just want to point you the the site where you can find a few more wallpapers.

I have made my first wallpaper and ofcourse it is a Debian wallpaper. :) You can see a thumb of it to the left. It is made with Inkscape which have dramaticaly increased in useability in the last few versions. This means that I have the source in a scaleable format (SVG) so if you have a screen resolution bigger than 1600x1200 then contact me and I can render a bigger one for you.

The wallpaper can be found in my files section in 1600x1200 resolution.

Debianguiden htdig layout online

I have been working on layout templates for the htdig search engine used on the danish Debian guide. I have tried to make it look much like google but still make it a part of the guide. Try make a search on ex. “mysql”.