Harry Potter rocks

Today I went to the movies to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I found the movie really good and I’m looking forward to all the next ones. I have read all the books and both the books and the movies keeps getting better… hope it stays that way.

Sun in SVG format

Today I made a sun i SVG very simple but also cool IMO. Well you can see a small sample to the right or download it i my files section.

The other day I also found this link to a few tutorials for Inkscape.

File section on emcken.dk

I have been planing to put a file section on my website for some time now. Earlier I just posted files in my weblog but evntually they dissapear into the archives of the weblog and therefore not easily accessable. From now on I will put files in my new file section if their relevance is beyond a single post in my blog.

For the file section I have found some code on phpclasses. The FileDB class stores and retrives files from a database and the class uses the AnyDB class which is a compatibility layer which allows you to use all sorts of databases (I use MySQL).

To celebrate the opening of my new section I have posted my first file… The OpenOffice.org logo in svg. After spending many hours looking for this logo in the SVG format I got the EPS version taken from Version 1.1 Logos and CD Materials converted by a friend in Adobe Illustrator (AI). AI was capeable of doing this without errors unlike pstoedit. Se my post: OpenOffice.org logo.

chmod (distinguish between files and directories)

I hate having execute bit set on files not supposed to be executable. But I have always found it a lot easier to set it to keep directories browseable when chmod’ing a directory recursive. Now I thrown a little bash line together to easily only chmod files or directories.

This only chmod’s files:

debian:~# find -type f  | xargs -i chmod 640 {}

This only chmod’s directories:

debian:~#find -name '*' -type d  | xargs -i chmod 750 {}

The -name ‘*’ makes sure that it is only sub directories is processed (and not the current directory).

Show progress of dd

Here is a perl code example which shows progress of dd made by my friend Thor Dreier:

sdd if=/boot.img.gz of=/dev/sda -pg bs=1M 2>&1 | perl -e 'print $i++." MB\n" while(read(STDIN,$c,3));'