Sun in SVG format

Today I made a sun i SVG very simple but also cool IMO. Well you can see a small sample to the right or download it i my files section.

The other day I also found this link to a few tutorials for Inkscape.

File section on

I have been planing to put a file section on my website for some time now. Earlier I just posted files in my weblog but evntually they dissapear into the archives of the weblog and therefore not easily accessable. From now on I will put files in my new file section if their relevance is beyond a single post in my blog.

For the file section I have found some code on phpclasses. The FileDB class stores and retrives files from a database and the class uses the AnyDB class which is a compatibility layer which allows you to use all sorts of databases (I use MySQL).

To celebrate the opening of my new section I have posted my first file… The logo in svg. After spending many hours looking for this logo in the SVG format I got the EPS version taken from Version 1.1 Logos and CD Materials converted by a friend in Adobe Illustrator (AI). AI was capeable of doing this without errors unlike pstoedit. Se my post: logo.

chmod (distinguish between files and directories)

I hate having execute bit set on files not supposed to be executable. But I have always found it a lot easier to set it to keep directories browseable when chmod’ing a directory recursive. Now I thrown a little bash line together to easily only chmod files or directories.

This only chmod’s files:

debian:~# find -type f  | xargs -i chmod 640 {}

This only chmod’s directories:

debian:~#find -name '*' -type d  | xargs -i chmod 750 {}

The -name ‘*’ makes sure that it is only sub directories is processed (and not the current directory).

Show progress of dd

Here is a perl code example which shows progress of dd made by my friend Thor Dreier:

sdd if=/boot.img.gz of=/dev/sda -pg bs=1M 2>&1 | perl -e 'print $i++." MB\n" while(read(STDIN,$c,3));' is undergoing a face lift

I have been playing with different layouts of for and I think I have settled with the current top which you can see on the main page.

This design will eventually find its way to my blog also.

This have been made with Inkscape and GIMP. I’m working on a easy way to add files (mostly SVG and XCF files) to for download. Right now it’s only on the drawing board.