A section about date and time in Debianguiden.dk

On my way to work I got a crazy thought. IIRC at least 3 questions about how to set time and date has been asked on the danish Debian help forum. This should be addressed with writing a section about how to set date and time on a Debian box. The section should contain a little info about date, rdate with cron and a third command to set the date (which I can’t remember the name).


GNOME keyboard repeat stroke- and gDesklet Starterbar trouble

Today after the regualy update of my Debian unstable desktop a had some serious problems with my keyboard in gnome :( When holding down a key the stroke wasn’t repeated. Very annoying when using arrow keys (in console mode).

After a little research I found out that even though the new packages introduced this crappy thing the problem wasn’t within the new packages but instead in my configuration i my home-dir.

I used more that a hour to locate the exact configration file:


Most of the time was used googleing for an answer but after a while I decided to try figure out the problem myself and I eventually found the file above.

Another bad thing about my update was that the gdesklet package introduced a broken starterbar. After some research I found out that I now needed the python-xdg package to run… I have made a bug report in this.

Update: - It seems that it wasn’t a bug after all… just my reading skills ;)

SVG world update

Today I found this article: ‘SVG and its Path into the Linux Desktop’ on osnews.com . I is pretty exiting reading if you think SVG is cool.

At work I continued improving the layout on a DVD size cover for a danish production of OpenOffice.org which I have been working on for some time now.

I added the pen and paper on the front today. The art is taken from a really cool icon theme called Gartoon made by Zeus (realname Kuswanto). Take a look at Zeus’ homepage for a lot of great stuff. I will write him an email later to ask if it is okay to use this :) I sure hope so because I really looks good.

I still have a few idears to improve the cover:

  1. Put shadow on the screenshots on the back of the cover.
  2. Make a small white glow around the text beneath the pen and paper icon to make it easier to read.

UPDATE - I have now added a shadow to the screenshots (see picture above)

Follow GNOME 2.6 packaging for Debian

Here you can see the GNOME 2.6 package status page. The packages will fist hit experimental and later unstable.

Alternative to GIMP?

I also found this alternative to GIMP today named Pixel32… it looks alot like Photoshop and the screenshots are promising.