x86 emulator

Just found out about this x86 emulator: Bochs. Now I can try the new Debian installer and perhapes test Debian Woody things without messing around with my desktop machine (Debian unstable).

This is a guide in danish about Bochs

My music library updated

Today I found some time to try out Rhythmbox the music player inspired by iTunes. I had head that it was good… and so far I’m not dissapointed.

This cool player made me want some new music so I surfed the net for some new stuff. My music taste is pretty broard so I ended up with this: Mew - Frengers (cdon) Creed - Weathered (cdon) Oasis - Heathen Chemistry (cdon) Black Eyed Peas - Elephunk (cd-wow) Britney Spears - In The Zone (cd-wow)

It is really crappy that CD-WOW had to raise their prices… yes I know why but it’s still sad. Now that I found a job so I can actually buy my music they go and pull a stunt like this. :(

CD-WOW has far from all music so I have to supplement with CDON ( a nordic online music reseller). I have to look for some price indexes and alternative sites to buy music so that I can get it as cheap as possible :)

Another thing I don’t like is the fact that I haven’t found a decent download music shop to use. TDC has started a music shop but it only works in IE and with Windows Media Player AFAIK :( Crap site! I want to buy my music! Why do they have to make it so hard?

I’m thinking of buying some of these in the future: Linking Park Nickelback Gigi D’argostino Swan Lee Christina Aguilera Scooter Safri Duo Franz Ferdinand

and a lot of other stuff :)

OpenOffice.org logo

Today I looked into converting EPS to SVG because it seems that EPS is the only vector graphic format the OpenOffice.org logos can be found in… sad but true :’(

I found that the tool pstoedit can do the job so I tested it:

pstoedit -f plot-svg my.eps my.svg

The result was not to my satisfaction! At least Sodipodi and Inkscape can’t display the SVG result - I’ll find out when I get to try out Batik. If it’s a bad conversion (as I suspect) I’ll find a way to try if Adobe Illustrator is any better.

Another workaround was to remake the logo myself. It’s only the name and two gulls - come on give me a challenge. How about this: Buy the font used for the logo for 22$ WTF?!? (did I mention that the logo uses two different fonts?)

Hmmm it seems that I’m back at trying to convert the damn EPS.

Syslog is crap - or at least I thought so

I have been playing around with syslog for an hour or two, trying to figure out how to log sshd related messages in a separate file. When I found out that it is impossible to specify a log-file for the ssh daemon only I thought: “What CRAP!”.

… but only for a short while until an intelligent person pointed out the obvious:

debian:~# grep sshd /var/log/auth.log > /tmp/sshd

Original Goolge Groups message

Going digital - but to what purpose

Yesterday I recieved my Digital certificate from TDC. TDC provides digital certificates for danish citizents. I succesfully installed it in Firefox and Thunderbird but I’m having trouble when sending emails signed with my certificate…. When I recieve them I’m told that the email can have been altered since it was sent - WTF?!?

Dunno if sending emails throug SPAM assassin, virus scan etc. alters the email so the digital signing fails. Well I hope I find some über geek who can help me out :)