My farvorites Debian and GNOME

A new beta of the Sarge Debian-Installer has been released and I must say that I’m impressed :) Soon I will be able to make all my friends try it!

USB CD-ROM drives, USB keys, SATA disks nothing is stopping this new installer! Try it!

The developers are moving closer to the next stable release of Debian (Sarge): Wed Mar 17 08:00:00 UTC 2004

Release-critical bugs in unstable: 502 Release-critical bugs in testing: 201 (and still counting down)

An other great thing is that the 2.6 version of Gnome will be released on 25. march… I can’t wait!

A day away from the computer

Today I went to se the new grand shopping center Fields just opened in Denmark. I got some new T-Shirts and I bought Jak II - Renegade for 199DKK ~ 27€ (today on

I played it for about an hour and I’m impressed! Allready from start it is alot more variated than the first game. I seems alot more like Ratchet & Clank which I think is good.

Why oh why is Internet Explorer NOT a friend of mine?

Every time I make a homepage I try to use tableless design and css and every time Internet Explorer craps my homepage totally up! Microsoft can bundle their browser as much they want but with their market share they should a least show some responsibility and provide the masses with a standard compilant browser.

Just needed to get needed to get my anger out :) Sorry!

UPDATE: The thing I was fiddeling with was a proposal for a new frontpage for

BTW. try download Mozilla FireFox, which is a great browser. You can find it in Debians testing and unstable repository with the package name mozilla-firefox.

Cleaning my inbox

I send a lot of emails to my self with stuff I find around the net. Stuff that I actually believe I might use some day. :) My problem is that it clutters up my inbox… but where to put things that should reside inside ones head?

I tend to forget how to do things if I haven’t used it myself (only read about it). So now I will use my blog to help me archive some stuff.

First a little command that lists used network ports on the computer

debian:~# netstat -lnp

Second I have a javascript:

function deObfuscate(email) {

  //Obfuscate the e-mail address to prevent spam
  var emailaddress;
  emailaddress = email.replace('', '@');
  emailaddress = emailaddress.replace(/[|]+/g,'');
  window.location.href='mailto:' + emailaddress;

I have made a change to the weblog system (Serendipity) so now I have a button named “Code” which inserts the following:

I have used it to create the 3 code examples in this entry of my blog.

Update: I don’t use this div-code-ting anymore… only the markdown syntax :)

How to spend a friday night.... kernel compiling

For I while now I have been having problems with my keyboard (danish layout). The button with an apostrophe (‘) and a star (*) was totally dead. Nothing at all happend when pressing it, neither in X or console… WTF?!?

Last night I found out by coincidence that it was my 2.6.1 kernel (look at link above). A guy i the Danish Debian forum had the exact same problem. So now I have compiled myself a new kernel (2.6.4). As always I had to compile a few times before I got it all working :)

First I forgot UDMA support and after that I forgot to compile USB support. Now I think I’m all set but we’ll see :-D It is kind a annoying that you have to recompile the NVIDIA driver every time you recompile your kernel. I have to look into packaging the driver into a deb.

Now I only need to find out why video playback have strange colors… I think it happend after updating XFree86 from 4.2 -> 4.3.