A slick portable DVD/CD drive

I have been looking for a portable DVD/CD drive to add the only function my laptop dosn’t have. Thought it was on purpose I bought it without a DVD/CD drive. I rarely have use for such a drive and I wanted my laptop to be as small as possible (Debian is installable with an USB key). At home I could use a CD-burner but again this is only a function a rarely use and until now have managed to deal with in alternative ways.

But now I’m thinking of installing Ubuntu on my laptop and for that I need a CD-drive. I could borrow one at work, but I think the time has come to buy one myself.

I have found this slick AOpen drive which I think would look good besides my IBM X40 :-D

I have also found some addinional pictures of the drive in the 3D Game Man forum.

WINE repository for Debian (Ubuntu)

Today I found this Debian repository for WINE. I’ll try install WINE from this one and test if I can get Pirates to work. Stay tuned!!

Debian package with my wallpapers

I have been battling with Ubuntu to create a Debian package with my wallpapers from Debian Art.

I ran into a bug which I was a log time to realize. I have reported it in the Ubuntu Bugzilla.

Well finally I got the damn package created and you can download it from here.

Pirates under Linux

While I installed WINE on Ubuntu I went to WINE’s website and read some of their weekly newsletters. I must be a sick person because I find a lot of their articles interesting :-)

I stumbled upon a specific one which caught my immediate attention. I guy have been working on DirectX 9, and have troubled him self with making the new Sid Meier’s Pirates playable :-D

Some might say that I could use Cedega… but I cant really decide wether I like their initiative??? I would like to see some of Cedega’s work be put back into WINE just like CodeWeavers does with CrossOver Office.

Now I’m waiting for a newer WINE in Ubuntu Hoary… looking forward to the day reboots to Windows just to play a game is just something you look back at and laught.

More Ubuntu

I have migratet my Debian user profilen to Ubuntu and it is now officially my primary home workstation distribution. Since my last post I have installed Flash support, NVIDIA drivers, gstreamer MP3 encoder (used by Sound-Juicer) and WINE.

And just now I have installed Internet Explorer with a script which did it all itself. As you might allready have noticed I have made a screenshot of this isolated manifistation of “web designers hell” that I have allowed to be present on my Linux system.