Updated Ubuntu...

I’m really impressed with this Linux distribution. I updated Warty to Hoary this morning… not much new meets the eye at first peak, but i’ll taka a closer look later. The only major change on my system is that I run X.org instead of XFree. I haven’t noticed any performance change neither up or down, though I haven’t worked much with the either of them in Ubuntu so I wouldn’t have much to base my observations on anyway. I head that GNOME Terminal (with antialiased fonts) should run much better… but that test will come soon enought.

The XFree - X.org transision went smooth and that must be counted as a plus :-)

I have also tried a new document viewer: Evince. I have only been able to find packages for Ubuntu. This document viewer has potential. It has GPDF’s nice look and XPDF’s functionality… but apart from that nothing new worth of mentioning.

Ubuntu is a must try!

Working on a Debian package

I have packaged the TIFF CMYK GIMP plugin i found a while back. I got Frank, a collauge, to help me take te first steps. He has fiddled with it before. Now lets se if I ever get it out there :-)

Ubuntu installation

Yesterday I installed Ubuntu Linux - at first view a great distribution. I havn’t replaced my Debian installation (yet), but I must say that Ubuntu seems to have excatly what I have missed in Debian.

  • Release cycle that I can use (every six months)
  • GNOME focus
  • A slick finish

I resized an NTFS partition from my harddrive to release 8GB of space. I rarely use Windows and if I took the time, I could release alot of unused space locked to a NTFS partition. The Ubuntu installation went smooth and tonight I will try to upgrade the Warty Warthog to Hoary Hedgehog

I’m looking forward to se how GNOME 2.10 is comming up.

Moving to a new place and playing computer games... don't go well together

I have been busy lately unpacking boxes and trying to keep up at work. My computer and cable TV is ofcourse up and running, and the last two days I played a little World of Warcraft to take my mind of work. Work and getting settled have taken all my time, and when you finally have som spare time you feel guilty not unpacking, cleaning or some other meaningfull moving-to-new-appartment releated stuff. I havn’t even played the new Pirates by Sid Meier more than a few hours and I miss having time to write guides to the danish Debian guide, generaly just play around with Debian.

I had time to setup my IP-telephone box though, and it works like a charm. Now I only need somebody to call heh. I’m looking forward to the weekend which I will spend together with my girlfriend friday, some friends saturday and again my girlfriend sunday. Last weekend wasn’t much of a weekend. I had to work all saturday setting up a new server, and I had trouble getting the hardware to play along with Debian Sarge. When I was finally reaching the point where I could head home, all public transport was stopped because a great storm has hit Denmark. I sat (alone) at the small office with my laptop (and a server which refused to let me use hardware RAID 0+1) the whole night. You should know that it REALLY SUCKED - heh. Luckily I had a few movies on my laptop… have you watched the Alias series with Jennifer Garner? I recommend it!

Since the last post I have also recieved my 10 Ubuntu CD’s. They are really nice…. well back to relaxing.

I have moved.... weeeeh

Yesterday I moved all my stuff to me and my girlfriends new apartment. So now I have 100 square meters devided in three rooms + kitchen + bathroom. Some of my friends (Daniel, Kim and Morten) gave me a had with the heavy lifting and I gave them back problems :)

There is plenty of room in that truck…we only have to drive once. No worries, Michelle (my girlfriend) only have a closet a sleeping coutch and a few boxes. WAAAAAAGH (that anoying sound when you make a wrong answer in one of the TV shows)

Thanks you guys!

Thanks to my parents too… the have helped us a lot with the new appartment and moving.