A new blog engine

For a long time I have wanted to find an alternative to Wordpress. It felt like an obstacle which needed overcoming every time I had an idea for a blog post. The result being that I didn’t get any posts published (I have a few drafts which I never finished).

My own Clojure blog adventure was more about my trying to learn the Clojure language, and would probably have some of the same issues I experienced with Wordpress. Also when I stumbled on Jekyll my own blog project got subconsciously shelved, because it already implemented all my ideas so much better.

Apart from Markdown being a first class citizen, the blog can now be hosted on GitHub Pages.

Anyways all my old blog posts have now been migrated to Jekyll and the revamped layout now looks sufficiently good and works on mobile devices so I feel confident making a first release. I have “cheated” and based the design on the Jekyll theme called Hyde.

You are now looking at the result… lets see if this actually help on my post frequency :)