Cleaning my inbox

I send a lot of emails to my self with stuff I find around the net. Stuff that I actually believe I might use some day. :) My problem is that it clutters up my inbox… but where to put things that should reside inside ones head?

I tend to forget how to do things if I haven’t used it myself (only read about it). So now I will use my blog to help me archive some stuff.

First a little command that lists used network ports on the computer

debian:~# netstat -lnp

Second I have a javascript:

function deObfuscate(email) {

  //Obfuscate the e-mail address to prevent spam
  var emailaddress;
  emailaddress = email.replace('', '@');
  emailaddress = emailaddress.replace(/[|]+/g,'');
  window.location.href='mailto:' + emailaddress;

I have made a change to the weblog system (Serendipity) so now I have a button named “Code” which inserts the following:

I have used it to create the 3 code examples in this entry of my blog.

Update: I don’t use this div-code-ting anymore… only the markdown syntax :)