I have been LPI certified

I’m now Level 1 LPI certified. The certification consist of 2 exams (BX-0101 and BX-0102). It was quite a troublesome process.

The first exam was in Jutland which is a three and a half hour trip each way in car. The sum-up before the exam was crappy, mostly because of the EXTREAMLY crappy preparation material. Anyway I managed to pull myself through with 560 of 890 points and 500 was required for passing.

The second exam was due to take place two and a half week later. But they had some troubles with their systems so the exam was rescheduled. To bad - this time the sum-up before the exam was really good. Well two weeks later I was on it again. This time I just went right on to the exam. Some of the questions was really wierd but that must be expected from a multiple choise/certification exam right?!? This time I did alot better: 650 of 860 possible points and the passing rate was 500.

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