Converting from Sendipity to Wordpress

Alright… my blog is now officially migrated from Serendipity (s9y) to Wordpress. I created the new webdesign a while back and made a few small changes tonight just before the switch… let me know if you find any problems with it. The design was inspired by a Wordpress theme by

A while back I found a s9y importer on Michael Tysons weblog which worked pretty well. Since my last visit a german guy had made a few small changes to it to import extended posts. I had a few of those so I grabbed his script. I had to make a small change to the import script in order to get drafts imported as drafts (and not published). I also had to insert an extra newline before and after the more-tag () in order to get my markdown working as intended.

To get Markdown support in my posts I installed the plugin ‘text-control’ (even though its fairly old). I had to get the newest markdown.php and replace the one provided by the plugin to make it work (to get rid of php errors).

I had a few posts which have been pretty popular, so I made sure that old links would still work by using “Wordpress Permalinks - Custom Structure”:


I had to make a “last minute” change which affects my Wordpress installation in order to get it working. I will blog about that later in a “Hacking Wordpress MU 2.7 - Part 3”.

I hope you like the change :D

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