Where did all my time go?

… down a drain called World of Warcraft.

As a few people have pointed out, I havn’t blogged for some time now. I spend most my evenings playing World of Warcraft and havn’t really used my spare time on all sorts Open Source stuff as I used to.

This is my character so far. It is actually now pretty easy to get WoW running under Linux with WINE.

But at work I have tried to update our Instiki installation to the newest 0.11 version which wasn’t as easy as it may sound. I finally got all the old stuff migrated and all seemed to work until we tried to proxy from our DMZ to the internal Instiki wiki. Instiki didn’t like that… I is some time ago now so I dont have the error message. But if I stumble upon it I’ll put it here.

Instead I found a Media Wiki altered by MindTouch called dekiwiki.

The cool thing about that wiki is they made a page where you can get you own public readable wiki, I already made my own at emcken.wiki.com. Not much for you guys, but now have a place for all my notes and shit which usually just lie around on my disk until it dissappears in all the other mess.

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