How to spend a friday night.... kernel compiling

For I while now I have been having problems with my keyboard (danish layout). The button with an apostrophe (‘) and a star (*) was totally dead. Nothing at all happend when pressing it, neither in X or console… WTF?!?

Last night I found out by coincidence that it was my 2.6.1 kernel (look at link above). A guy i the Danish Debian forum had the exact same problem. So now I have compiled myself a new kernel (2.6.4). As always I had to compile a few times before I got it all working :)

First I forgot UDMA support and after that I forgot to compile USB support. Now I think I’m all set but we’ll see :-D It is kind a annoying that you have to recompile the NVIDIA driver every time you recompile your kernel. I have to look into packaging the driver into a deb.

Now I only need to find out why video playback have strange colors… I think it happend after updating XFree86 from 4.2 -> 4.3.

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