Updated Ubuntu...

I’m really impressed with this Linux distribution. I updated Warty to Hoary this morning… not much new meets the eye at first peak, but i’ll taka a closer look later. The only major change on my system is that I run X.org instead of XFree. I haven’t noticed any performance change neither up or down, though I haven’t worked much with the either of them in Ubuntu so I wouldn’t have much to base my observations on anyway. I head that GNOME Terminal (with antialiased fonts) should run much better… but that test will come soon enought.

The XFree - X.org transision went smooth and that must be counted as a plus :-)

I have also tried a new document viewer: Evince. I have only been able to find packages for Ubuntu. This document viewer has potential. It has GPDF’s nice look and XPDF’s functionality… but apart from that nothing new worth of mentioning.

Ubuntu is a must try!