MP3 encoding with Sound-Juicer

Countless times have I struggled with MP3 encoding under Linux. I seems for an eternity now. Every single time I had to fall back on the same #¤@?-ing console based ripping with abcde. And if it hadn’t been that abcde is a great ripping tool, the pain that this problem have caused me wouldn’t be describable.

Well now for the good news…. Sound-Juicer finally works (using Sound-Juicer 2.10 from Ubuntu Hoary)! First I had to install the gstreamer8.0-lame package to encode audio to MP3 (gstreamer8.0-mad is needed for playback).

Then i ran gnome-audio-profiles-properties and created a new profile with the following values:

Profile name: CD Quality, Lossy
Profile Description: Test
GStreamer Pipeline: audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc
File Extension: mp3

Profile description and name is up to you. Dont worry, even though you have 2 profile with the same name i.e. “CD Quality, Lossy”, Sound-Juicer will tell the difference between them because it also displays the extension.

I cant remember which package provided gnome-audio-profiles-properties.

Update: Glad to see this info actually helped people out there on the Ubuntu forums :-D

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