Package with Debian wallpapers updated

For those who doesn’t know… a few years back I made the site which was supposed to be the center of graphics for Debian. It never took off, mostly because I didn’t really have the time and it didn’t help that I started using Ubuntu instead. I was running Debian unstable at the time because I wanted the latest and greatest (Gnome among other things) so the jump to Ubuntu wasn’t really that big.

Now I use the to host my own Debian wallpapers which I’m actually quite proud of :) Even though I use Ubuntu now for my laptop and workstation, I still use my own wallpapers (mostly “apt-get install”).

Right before my interest died for I made a Debian package with all the four wallpapers I have made public. Once installed they would automatically be available when changing background in Gnome. A later version of Gnome changed the location of where you should register background images, and I never got it updated… until now. I got an email from a guy asking how the Debian package worked, which made me pull my head of of my ass and get the update done :)

Download Debian Wallpapers - Modern Swirl


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