Today I looked into converting EPS to SVG because it seems that EPS is the only vector graphic format the logos can be found in… sad but true :’(

I found that the tool pstoedit can do the job so I tested it:

pstoedit -f plot-svg my.eps my.svg

The result was not to my satisfaction! At least Sodipodi and Inkscape can’t display the SVG result - I’ll find out when I get to try out Batik. If it’s a bad conversion (as I suspect) I’ll find a way to try if Adobe Illustrator is any better.

Another workaround was to remake the logo myself. It’s only the name and two gulls - come on give me a challenge. How about this: Buy the font used for the logo for 22$ WTF?!? (did I mention that the logo uses two different fonts?)

Hmmm it seems that I’m back at trying to convert the damn EPS.