SVG world update

Today I found this article: ‘SVG and its Path into the Linux Desktop’ on . I is pretty exiting reading if you think SVG is cool.

At work I continued improving the layout on a DVD size cover for a danish production of which I have been working on for some time now.

I added the pen and paper on the front today. The art is taken from a really cool icon theme called Gartoon made by Zeus (realname Kuswanto). Take a look at Zeus’ homepage for a lot of great stuff. I will write him an email later to ask if it is okay to use this :) I sure hope so because I really looks good.

I still have a few idears to improve the cover:

  1. Put shadow on the screenshots on the back of the cover.
  2. Make a small white glow around the text beneath the pen and paper icon to make it easier to read.

UPDATE - I have now added a shadow to the screenshots (see picture above)