Tango smilies in Serendipity

Open Source ftw (sorry I’m mentally damaged from playing World of Warcraft, so I tend to use a lot of acronyms).

Just switched the emotion icons in my Serendipity installation with Tango ones. Here is how they look:

:’( :-) : :-o :-( 8-) :-D :-P ;-)

Sadly Serendipity doesn’t support more… I guess I would easily be able to add more by altering the code. It is PHP code after all, but I’m not bothered to do the change with every update of Serendipity. Anyway I got inspired by reading about Tango Smilies in Wordpress by Jeff Waugh.

I knew the icons existed in the instant messenger Pidgin after reading a blog post from the icon author. I have installed Pidgin on my Ubuntu machines and found the icons in:

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