"My" VMware problem

Now I researched my VMware problem some more, and it has nothing to do with the link I posted in my last entry. Even though I had 2 versions of dbus installed at some point I think I actually removed the old version (a few hours) before installing VMware.

I looked at the start scripts and found that it checks for a file called /etc/vmware/not_configured, and if it exsist I refuses to start. After er manually removed it and loaded the kernel modules I actually got it all started, installed Windows XP, and rejoiced. It worked!! I could start my virtual machines.

… until my next reboot.

Now the not_configured-file was there again?

After “debugging” the vmware start-script I found that it failed when it bridged my ath0 -> vmnet0. I had also bridged my eth0 -> vmnet2.

I wasn’t able to remove the ath0 -> vmnet0 bridge with vmware-configure.pl (or I couldn’t figure out how), so I uninstalled with vmware-uninstall.pl and reinstalled, this time not bridgeing ath0. Now it works. Exactly why I doesn’t like my ath0 device seems to be the atheros drivers… but who knows. A search on the words “bridged network ath0” on VMwares forums gives a few resultsI can live with this for now.