Linksys WRT54GL

I’ve bought a Linksys wireless access point some time ago from FON, because I like the concept and it was really easy to setup also. Underneath is an embedded Linux controlling it all. Which is cool in itself.

But I have an IP phone which needs a big port range to be forwarded to it through the firewall. I wasn’t able to define port ranges in the FON webinterface, so to day I finally got the time to try install the software FON have build there product upon: Open Wrt.

What I’m really missing is: The Radius thing FON used. It was a really cool way of securing your wireless connection. I can see OpenWrt have optional packages for this support, but I would rather want it just to work.

Then a colleague pointed me to Coova, which like FON builds upon OpenWrt but it seems it focus on the Radius support. I’ll try that next week… if I got the time. One of Coova’s “Key Features” is traffic shaping, which I would like to play around with now that I have a ip-phone.

For now I’ll just enjoy that I finally got my ip-phone working againg after several months.