2 days ago I recieved my Squeezebox… finally I pulled my head out and bought one. I should have done this along time ago. This is one of the best investments since my IBM x40… and that says a lot. At first I got really disappointed because I couldn’t get the Squeezebox to connect to the wireless network. After a few hours tinkering with my wireless access point and the Squeezebox wireless settings I gave up. I plugged it to the network with a wire and installed the latest Slimserver on my Windows partition (I know, I know… Windows, not something I was proud of).

When the Squeezebox found the slimserver on the Windows box the Squeezebox asked me to allow it to update its firmware. After that the wireless ran without problem. Yay.

I’ve started ripping all our music to FLAC even though my girlfriend was almost finished with our over 300 CDs in mp3.

Right now I use Linksys NSLU2 (running Debian Etch) both as music storage and to run the slimserver. It feels a bit slow but it is really not that bad. I’m thinking of finding another NAS but it either has to as silent as the NSLU2 or it has to be wireless. If any of you guys know a good alternative the the NSLU2 let me know.

Back to the Squeezebox… Not only can you play all you digital music but you can listen to internet radio (there is a Pandora plugin). You can have it to wake you up, show RSS (news) feeds on the display, play you podcasts and much more. All you digital music needs gathered in one freaking cool looking, easy to navigate, low noise box in your living room. All in all the Squeezebox rocks! Period.