Weekend sum up

This weekend started with a great friday evening in the cinema Biocity in Taastrup, with a friend of mine watching The Incredebles. This movie is one of the coolest 3D animation movies I have ever seen. Edna mode…. and guest.

After the movie we just talked about stuff and listened to music and I bought Coldplay from CD-WOW. A

Saturday I spend with another friend. We where supposed to play the new Sid Meier’s Pirates which release date I thought was yesterday. Instead we got sentimental and looked back to the glory days where games like Syndicate, Pirates and The Secret of Monkey Island where the hot stuff. We ended up playing through the first half of Escape from Monkey Island. It wasn’t that hard because I have solved the puzzles before, though never completed the game… until today that is ;)

Now I only need to complete Grim Fandango to have completed all Lucas Arts adventure games back to The Loom.