A week in Paris

Last week I was in Paris with my girlfriend and my sister and her boyfriend. It was a great trip and our new digital camara (Canon Ixus 40) really hit the spot. We took almost 500 pictures, but it took a few days to get used to shoot at anything you see. Somehow both my girlfriend and I had trouble getting past the feeling of the limitation of a normal old school camara. Here is a cool picture my girlfriend took the St. Sulpice church (if you have read The Da Vinci Code you know which church I’m talking about):

Light ray in st. Sulpice Church

I was surprised that they are so bad at speeking english, until I learned that english lessons aren’t forced upon them (like here in Denmark). And I can confirm that there are still a few arrogant french people who havn’t gotten over that french isn’t the preferred language outside France. Sorry I can’t remember the name of the resturant where people NOT speaking french isn’t welcome AT ALL, because trust me… you don’t wanna go in there. Don’t get me wrong we meet alot of nice people… also french speaking ;)

Besides that the trip was a normal “go see as many worth-seeing things as possible” (including Disneyland). To finish things my girlfriend and I sat down and saw EuroTrip when we came home… it just kinda felt right.