Stumble upon in May 2024

Midjourney prompt: Two people walking towards each other and bumping into each other. One person is looking down at their smartphone the other person is looking at the sky. Subtle highlight. concept art, oil on canvas painting.

While roaming the internet for information on different topics, I also found a few totally unrelated posts, but interesting nevertheless. I guess that’s what happens when you indulge:
I wonder what else they wrote about?

Apparently, “AWS presigned URLs” led to Roko’s Basilisk: How My University Condemned Me to Eternal Torture? by Doğu Deniz Uğur. A little philosophy never hurt anyone? 🐉

Another search, this time for “Babashka”, led to the author Elif Şafak: The 40 rules of loving Elif Şafak by Josh Glovers. I guess I need to read one of her books now, Josh “sold it” very convincingly.

Not all my time online is spent roaming, some is very deliberately used visiting Planet Clojure. This time around, I rediscovered Eric Normand and his substack (which he revived in late 2023). I feel that I can relate to many of the things he writes about, e.g. Dilbertism and technical debt to name a few.

A few non-Clojure things that also resonate with me strongly, are the episode How to create cultures of growth on the You are not so smart podcast, and an article about Marlene who inherited €25m and asked 50 strangers to decide how to spend it. The article is in Danish, but you can find more about Marlene Engelhorn on Wikipedia.

On a closing note, I want to share my frustration with AI image generation. I tried very hard to get the AI to generate different pictures either of someone stumbling, a foot tripping on cobblestones or someone taking a detour. The above featured-image was the “best” image I was able to generate, which I associate with the words “stumble upon”. I guess there is still some way to go, for either the Midjourney AI or my AI magic foo skillz — but probably both.