I have been hit by a Breezy bug

A few days ago I updated my Ubuntu Breezy (developer preview of the new Ubuntu Linux), and the next day X (The grapical environment) wasn’t able to start. It suddenly didn’t automatically find my mouse at startup.

It seems I have beenhit by this bug.

Sid Meier's Pirates with WINE

A few days ago i tried to make Sid Meiers Pirates run again with WINE.

As usual when trying to install the game I got the following:

Well that didn’t stop me this time. I started to copy Pirates from my Windows XP partition to my fake WINE Windows drive (notice the cool new GNOME 2.12 copy dialog.

Now I tried to start Pirates again but this time I got a message about missing 2 dll files:

  • msvcp71.dll
  • msvcr71.dll

You can find them by searching on Google

I copied the files to my fake Windows’ system folder ie. /home/je/c/windows/system.

Finally I applied a No-CD-patch and was now able to start the game, where I was greeted by a… black screen for a long time.

I’m serious…. a VERY long time.

I’m telling you - it’s still there ;)

Then finally I was presented with the title menu. YEAH!

I think I fiddled a little with some settings before I dared try starting the game. Now a long waiting time again. But you don’t wanna go fetch coffe because you want to see this ;)

Woah, I see an ingame movie… cool. I was so quickly taking the screenshot, that the menu didn’t get time to disappear. They call my Lucky Luke ;-)

I’m actaully able to choose with whom I want to got to the new world. The grey man was a little to creepy so England it was.

Long wait time…. again, and no movie of me fighting the captain - perhaps I accidentally hit a key, dunno. Well suddenly I saw a little ship sailing and joy filled my body - YES!… and before I knew it the game had crashed. :-( Perhaps tweaking with the video setting and stuff might make the game somewhat playable :-)

The few screenshots I created was worth it all. See you on the other side.

Server moved... thus the downtime

I have moved my server from my parents low bandwith to my own low bandwidth DSL connection… so I’m the only one (when I’m at home) who enjoys my speedy weblog :-D

Dirvish backup through ssh tunnel

For some time now I have been trying to switch to Dirvish (from rdiff-backup) mostly because you can use a limit bandwidth which is a very important factor for me. The following is an example of configuring dirvish to use a ssh tunnel to backup through.

I assume you have created a master config file /etc/dirvish/master.conf. Lets jump right into configuring a vault /dirvish/default.conf:

client: root@localhost
tree: /
xdev: 0
index: gzip
image-default: %Y%m%d

Note: xdev needs to be 0, not false, no, off or anything like it. (I was tricked by this because the dirvish for Debian guide uses the value true for xdev which AFAIK is wrong.

All this until now is standard dirvish stuff. Now comes the tunnel part:

pre-server: ssh -f -L 20014:rivendell:22 root@fw.emcken.dk sleep 14400
rsh: ssh -o HostKeyAlias=1114 -p 20014

pre-server is a command to run before the backup starts. The command above will create a ssh tunnel through fw.emcken.dk to rivendell on port 20014 and go into the background. The sleep 14400 keeps the tunnel open for 4 hours when idle. Don’t worry!… your backup won’t be terminated if it is still in progress after 4 hours. The tunnel will be kept open for as long as the runnel is in use. The remote execution is just an ugly hack to ensure that the tunnel is automatically closed after use.

rsh is the important stuff. The -o HostKeyAlias=1114 makes us able to connect to localhost without being told that someone might be trying to do a ‘man-in-the-middle attack’ and refuse to connect to the tunnel. But to use HostKeyAlias we need to specify this in /root/.ssh/config more on this further down. -p 20014 specifies the port we want to connect to.

The following might be useful when making backups over the internet:

zxfer: true
speed-limit: 90

zxfer compress all data transmitted and speed-limit limits the bandwidth that dirvish will use.

Now to complete the setup the machine being backed up is defined in /root/.ssh/config:

Host rivendell
Port 20014
HostKeyAlias 1114

This is placed in root’s home dir because (on my system) root (cron) runs my backups. It is possible to create a separate user for it but I didn’t think it nessesary.

Now when you have copied your public ssh key to the machine that is going to be backed up, you are all set.

World of Warcraft under WINE with kernel 2.6.12

After reading a post on some Gentoo forum where someone said that they didn’t need the memory hack for Cadega to run World of Warcraft after using kernel 2.6.12, I gave it another shot.

The annoying not-beeing-able-to-click-on-anything-in-game-bug is now gone. So far I havn’t played more than 10 minutes but it seems the game just runs as it should :-D

My danish characters has stopped working again, though. But I think it has something to do with Breezy because it worked in Hoary.

Well, running WoW with the newest WINE release and a 2.6.12 kernel in opengl works!

Over and out!