Ubuntu (and Linux in general) proving its worth

Yesterday I updated my kernel on my laptop after a record uptime (for me on my laptop anyways ;)):

16:26:58 up 42 days,  7:21,  3 users,  load average: 1.12, 1.46, 1.04

42 days without an update to the kernel in Ubuntu… I dunno if thats good or bad. But one thing that is really cool is that in all this time I used my suspend to ram function, and the laptop haven’t died on me once. It occasionally did in all the previous versions of Ubuntu. So I just wanna send a kudos to the developers.

Whenever the update manager notifies me about upgrades I usually just install it, though with a kernel update I try to push it to avoid rebooting. But this time I was excited because I noticed that the kernel apparently had a fix for the bug reading large SD cards I mentioned in an earlier post.

I can confirm that this is now fixed… YAY!

Anyways… im now gonna put an encrypted file system on the SD card for my gpg key, ssh key, VPN keys etc. I hope I can give it another label as well.

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