I really wanted to attend GUADEC but the trip gets to expensive because I don’t have a car. I’m really interested in the GNOME development not to mention Ubuntu which uses GNOME as base for the desktop. I had planned to go with 2 friends (and colleauges) of mine, and I know the trip would have been awsome. My boss even gave me 2 free days off so I could attend the conference in worktime. I really hope the GUADEC people do something extra for all of us who wont be able to attend on location.

Extra RAM for my laptop

I have bought 1GB RAM for my laptop and it now has a total of 1.5GB RAM…. it really rocks!

World of Warcraft in WINE broken

After the World of Warcraft patch update today WINE 20050310 no longer runs WoW. Though it seems that there are already patches out there to correct the problem.

I’m no patch guy so I’ll await the next WINE release with patientce.

Isn't a splash screen just a cheap workaround?

Well Jakub Steiner thinks so… I dunno if I’m a weak person easily subjected to others opinion but I think he is on to something here :-)

Splash screen bringing the truth Splash screen bringing the horrible truth

World of Warcraft under WINE update

Just wanted to say that now magically danish special characters works. Dunno what I did ( or didn’t ), and I don’t care. My good friend Pierre (I wish I had a link I could throw at you) told me that I can use “Num Lock” to make activate autorun. So now World of Warcraft pretty much works just like in Windows.

Perhapes because I’m colored (pro Linux) or perhapes because I havn’t patched Windows for a long time (and it havn’t been reinstall for for a couple of years). But World of Warcraft feels better running under Linux :-)