Debian package with my wallpapers

I have been battling with Ubuntu to create a Debian package with my wallpapers from Debian Art.

I ran into a bug which I was a log time to realize. I have reported it in the Ubuntu Bugzilla.

Well finally I got the damn package created and you can download it from here.

Pirates under Linux

While I installed WINE on Ubuntu I went to WINE’s website and read some of their weekly newsletters. I must be a sick person because I find a lot of their articles interesting :-)

I stumbled upon a specific one which caught my immediate attention. I guy have been working on DirectX 9, and have troubled him self with making the new Sid Meier’s Pirates playable :-D

Some might say that I could use Cedega… but I cant really decide wether I like their initiative??? I would like to see some of Cedega’s work be put back into WINE just like CodeWeavers does with CrossOver Office.

Now I’m waiting for a newer WINE in Ubuntu Hoary… looking forward to the day reboots to Windows just to play a game is just something you look back at and laught.

More Ubuntu

I have migratet my Debian user profilen to Ubuntu and it is now officially my primary home workstation distribution. Since my last post I have installed Flash support, NVIDIA drivers, gstreamer MP3 encoder (used by Sound-Juicer) and WINE.

And just now I have installed Internet Explorer with a script which did it all itself. As you might allready have noticed I have made a screenshot of this isolated manifistation of “web designers hell” that I have allowed to be present on my Linux system.

Updated Ubuntu...

I’m really impressed with this Linux distribution. I updated Warty to Hoary this morning… not much new meets the eye at first peak, but i’ll taka a closer look later. The only major change on my system is that I run instead of XFree. I haven’t noticed any performance change neither up or down, though I haven’t worked much with the either of them in Ubuntu so I wouldn’t have much to base my observations on anyway. I head that GNOME Terminal (with antialiased fonts) should run much better… but that test will come soon enought.

The XFree - transision went smooth and that must be counted as a plus :-)

I have also tried a new document viewer: Evince. I have only been able to find packages for Ubuntu. This document viewer has potential. It has GPDF’s nice look and XPDF’s functionality… but apart from that nothing new worth of mentioning.

Ubuntu is a must try!

Working on a Debian package

I have packaged the TIFF CMYK GIMP plugin i found a while back. I got Frank, a collauge, to help me take te first steps. He has fiddled with it before. Now lets se if I ever get it out there :-)