GAIM notifications

I found a promising GAIM plugin, Guifications recommended by a friend. It displays buddy states similar to MSN with a popup box in the cornor of the screen, which disappears after a few seconds.

It comes in Debian packages too :)

Debian Sarge on IBM X40 howto - Part 8: Wireless (Take 3)

I wanted to update my kernel to the 2.6.8 kernel but I had some troubles compiling the Madwifi source code because a change in the kernel source code. I found a patch for the 2.6.8 kernel (only) and a Howto for applying the patch.

In my search around the net for info on my laptop, I found out how to enable the led that indicates activity on the wireless card. Before compiling the driver you have to set an environmental variable:


Now that I recompiled the driver anyway I enabled the variable and BINGO… now my led lights up as soon the driver is loaded. And thats just the half of it… sometimes it also blinks ;) Though I havn’t testet it under heavy load (to test if the blinking increases under heavy traffic). HURRAY… I have an extra led blinking on my laptop.

Hanging in there

The limited number of posts the last month is evidence that work have been taking too much of my time lately. Now I’m really looking forward to my vacation. I’m going to look closer on the code for and see if I can reuse it for

Heavy traffic on

The last two days traffic have increased heavily on Debianart. Downloads have doubled the last days. After investigating the log files I found that a Spanish Debian news site had a link to my site. Cool :-) I have now installed Webalizer to keep track on the traffic.

Substitute "Mac" newlines with unix ones

At work we have been struggling with bad newlines in php-pages created with dreamweaver on a Mac. The newlines screwed up grep results and was mainly just one big pain in the ***. This is a little note to my self about how to solve it.

This solution (parsed around by one of the guys at work, thanks Frank) should be carved in stone to be remember for eternity. The second best would be writing it on the Internet and I don’t have any stones not already written on at the moment:

tr '\r\n' '\n'  OUTPUTFILE