Debianart finally updated

After yesterdays small data loss I have been working hard tonight to prepare the site for the update that I have been working on for so long now. All the pieces seem to have fallen together now and the new site seems to be running just fine.

The transission to Smarty and an enchanced data structure was hard work by I hope that it eventually will pay off. I have made a small update to the 3 old wallpapers. I have removed my email from them which was tagged on the lower left corner.

Next step(s) for the Debianart website:

  • Different sorting of submissions (oldest, top downloads etc.)
  • Graphics and news submissions directly from users
  • Give me your ideas!!!

Now I’m tired :)

Backup with rdiff-backup

Why do I have to learn the hard way?!?

When you want to write rm *~ dont stop half way there (rm *). Luckily It was only a few templates for the developer version of Debianart that got wiped, but it has delayed kick off yet again. Perhapes next weekend?

But the event made me look at a way to backup my important files. A colleague recommended rdiff-backup for backup and I have look at it and found it worthy :) I have used some examples I found on the net to get a picture on how it works. The good news is that rdiff-backup exists as a Debian package.

Laptop sleep/resume

I have trouble making my laptop resume after I finally got it to sleep. I have reported a bug on the problem. It seems that it is making progress… though I will test some more to se if I have made mistakes :( It seems I’m good at that.

No pixel errors YE

I’m a happy owner of a new Samsung 172X…. WITH NO PIXEL ERRORS. Did I mention that I’m very happy.

Update: I have added a few low quality pictures

Protection for my laptop

I have continued my spending spree… I have bought little bag for my laptop to protect it under transport. Until now I have been wrapping it into an old poloshirt (not even my own - thanks Stoffer for the borrow, but hey you didn’t use it anyway ;-) ). The bag is designed for PowerBook’s but it fits my IBM X40 okay, even though I have the large battry.

Here are som pictures: