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A slick portable DVD/CD drive

I have been looking for a portable DVD/CD drive to add the only function my laptop dosn’t have. Thought it was on purpose I bought it without a DVD/CD drive. I rarely have use for such a drive and I wanted my laptop to be as small as possible (Debian is installable with an USB key). At home I could use a CD-burner but again this is only a function a rarely use and until now have managed to deal with in alternative ways.


Pirates under Linux

While I installed WINE on Ubuntu I went to WINE’s website and read some of their weekly newsletters. I must be a sick person because I find a lot of their articles interesting :-)


More Ubuntu

I have migratet my Debian user profilen to Ubuntu and it is now officially my primary home workstation distribution. Since my last post I have installed Flash support, NVIDIA drivers, gstreamer MP3 encoder (used by Sound-Juicer) and WINE.