phpwiki problems with VirtualHost

I tried installing the package phpwiki and the installation went (like almost always with Debian) smooth. But I use severel VirtualHost’s and when i tried to access phpwiki I was met with an error 404 :(

After googling around I found that RewriteRules isn’t inheritet from the default apache settings into a VirtualHost neither is the RewriteEngine setting.

Put this in each VirtualHost which should have phpwiki enabled:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteOptions inherit

Note if you have more global RewriteRules than phpwiki these will also be enabled.

Still struggling with my Postfix server

Still can’t get Postfix to save my mail in Maildir format :-( It seems that Postfix don’t have permission to save the emails where I directed it to, even though it should. And of top of it all Courier-IMAP won’t authendicate via MySQL.

But this sucker ain’t going to get me down… I will fight to the end. Eventualy I will get reinforcements :)

Thor, Per, Steffen… HELP! bought

Last night I bought the domain I’m hoping to put a site togeter which only focus on graphics for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution. Like wallpapers, splashscreens, icons etc.

I will have to setup a homepage for this and apart from a gallery/download page I was thinking of adding a wiki page where we can write documentation/tutorials for specific styles of icons, wallpapers etc.

Let’s se how it goes :)

Howto: A better weblog

Today I found an article covering things to keep in mind when you creates weblogs or just websites. I hope I get the time to take a closer look… I only read about half the entries.

More Debian wallpapers

After making my first wallpaper I got a lot of idears I wanted to realize… and now I have (with some of them). I have added two new wallpapers to my files section called ‘First love’ (the red) and ‘Natures gift’ (the green). You can see a thumb of them right here in this post.

My first wallpaper I also uploaded to and I have allready had almost 200 downloads. This is cool :)