Debian Sarge on IBM X40 howto - Part 4: Wireless

I was really nerveus about getting wireless to work…

Update, 24. July 2004, an hour later: Well it was bound to be an impossible mission from the start. The computer dosn’t even have an Intel fucker of not supported death wireless card I thought it had :) What a waste of time.

I have an Atheros (AR5212 802.11abg) card instead.</i>

After googeling I found that my wireless card is an Intel 2200BG which at the time of the writing of the guides I found wasn’t supported very well, but the linked to the ipw2200 site on SourceForge developing the Linux driver. But what the hell - I’ll give it a try… it might work.

There is a few requirements for the driver to work:

To compile the source code you also need the packages gcc and make. For a more detailed howto consult the project website.

Now compile the source code:

debian:~# tar xzvf ipw2200-0.2.tgz
debian:~# cd ipw2200-0.2
debian:~# make

Unpack the firmware files to /usr/lib/hotplug/firmware:

moprobe firmware_class

If this isn’t loaded you will get an error like this “-1 Unknown symbol in module

and finally run :

insmod ipw2200.ko

Well I didn’t get any errors… now I have to figure out how this works :) Step 2… test that it is actually working.

dmesg dosn’t detect any new ahrdware when I load the modules, so I don’t think that it is working?!

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