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Syslog is crap - or at least I thought so

I have been playing around with syslog for an hour or two, trying to figure out how to log sshd related messages in a separate file. When I found out that it is impossible to specify a log-file for the ssh daemon only I thought: “What CRAP!”.


Going digital - but to what purpose

Yesterday I recieved my Digital certificate from TDC. TDC provides digital certificates for danish citizents. I succesfully installed it in Firefox and Thunderbird but I’m having trouble when sending emails signed with my certificate…. When I recieve them I’m told that the email can have been altered since it was sent - WTF?!?


Why oh why is Internet Explorer NOT a friend of mine?

Every time I make a homepage I try to use tableless design and css and every time Internet Explorer craps my homepage totally up! Microsoft can bundle their browser as much they want but with their market share they should a least show some responsibility and provide the masses with a standard compilant browser.