FriFinans is still alive

Tonight I talked about FriFinans at a DKUUG-gettogether. FriFinans is a danish accounting tool written in Java… Open Source ofcourse.

Snow is not healthy for computers... so I left mine a home

I went skiing for a week with my parents and my little brother in Sweden (Idre Fjäll). Really nice place I think - not that big though. I both skiied and snowboarded and hurt myself alot. Jumps in high speed have a magnetic effect on me… I dunno why?!

It is a long time since I have been eating so much candy and so many cookies… and I cannot deny that it didn’t have an effect on my stomach. Anyway I got alot of reading done which happens rarely (Read: It only happens when I’m nowhere near a computer) I read Star Wars: Han Solo trioligy which I find a good (If you like Star Wars that is). But it was on my vacation that it came to me that I wanted a blog. Perhapes it was the abstinence from not being near my computers or perhapes it was the freash air I inhaled for a change… anyway here it is.

It is nice to be home and get to do an apt-get update && apt-get -u upgrade on my Debian machines. YE YE