Long lost ehhhhh.... fun?

I have been looking for this little fun movie for a long time now. Wanted to show my girlfriend it :) The terrible reality of true life… “Alien Song

It can be downloaded at Navone

SVG bitching -> Weblog time

After hours of bitching over bad free SVG tools for Linux (talking about Sodipodi and Inkscape), I decided that it was time to find myself a weblog. And here it is freshly installed on my Debian server.

I think I will get back to my SVG production trying to make a DVD cover for Debian Sarge. The things I think is bad about Sodipodi and Inkscape is the lack of support for filters. Filters makes it possible to add good looking shadows, glows and stuff like that and Sodipodi and Inkscape dosn’t even display them.

To display filters I use batik (squiggle) which works okay.

Yesterday I also found a few good links for thoose who want to use to learn SVG:

FriFinans is still alive

Tonight I talked about FriFinans at a DKUUG-gettogether. FriFinans is a danish accounting tool written in Java… Open Source ofcourse.

Snow is not healthy for computers... so I left mine a home

I went skiing for a week with my parents and my little brother in Sweden (Idre Fjäll). Really nice place I think - not that big though. I both skiied and snowboarded and hurt myself alot. Jumps in high speed have a magnetic effect on me… I dunno why?!

It is a long time since I have been eating so much candy and so many cookies… and I cannot deny that it didn’t have an effect on my stomach. Anyway I got alot of reading done which happens rarely (Read: It only happens when I’m nowhere near a computer) I read Star Wars: Han Solo trioligy which I find a good (If you like Star Wars that is). But it was on my vacation that it came to me that I wanted a blog. Perhapes it was the abstinence from not being near my computers or perhapes it was the freash air I inhaled for a change… anyway here it is.

It is nice to be home and get to do an apt-get update && apt-get -u upgrade on my Debian machines. YE YE