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What's so cool about Clojure

Around 5 years ago a colleague of mine tried to spark some interest for Clojure. He described it using terms like functional, higher order functions, pure functions, composable, immutable data, lazy evaluated, code is data and vice versa, macros, concurrency etc. None of which I truly understood at the time but instead felt like buzzwords.


A new blog engine

For a long time I have wanted to find an alternative to Wordpress. It felt like an obstacle which needed overcoming every time I had an idea for a blog post. The result being that I didn’t get any posts published (I have a few drafts which I never finished).


My Gnome 3 usability issues

I’ve just installed Gnome 3.6 (some packages might still be 3.5.9x) on my laptop by upgrading to Ubuntu 12.10 beta2 together with the Gnome 3 PPA for a few missing things like the updated Nautilus.