Sources of inspiration

I find work related inspiration many places, among others, colleagues meetups and conferences. But most inspiration comes while purposeless roaming the internet. I’ve always been interested in more that just writing the code for the software. Whether it be participating in meetings and discussions that would help me better understand the business. Gathering data to predict how a UI should be formed for optimal user experience. Learning how to avoid making poor software design decisions that would bring the nice people in operations in trouble. But also the softer things like how culture and circumstances affects us as developers and individuals.

Prior getting the responsibility for a team, all the above would just be archived mentally as “work/software development”. These days, stuff related to work culture and people have earned its own archive label. Suddenly these things have a slightly different meaning to me.

Before I was laughing when seeing/reading things like these (and I still do):

Now failing to do my job properly… the joke will be on me.

To get to the core of the matter. I would like to share the following links because they either gave me food for thought or just solidified my view on matters: