A plugin system for clojure-blog

In order to support different syntax for posts, smileys and hook-ins in general I searched the web for inspiration and found the following link which have some cool info:


I’ve started small and decided to support changing the post content via a hook-in before handing it over to the html generator Enlive. The way it works is by registering any number of functions which can transform post content in a chain (vector). Zero functions means no transformation and the post content is serves as-is.

Here is some example code which can demo the thoughts behind the design so far:

(defonce changes (atom []))

(defn reg-change
  "Registers a fn (change) to a hook"
  [hook-name f]
  (swap! hook-name conj f))

(defn apply-changes
  "Applies all changes in the vector to the input"
  [change-vec input]
  (reduce #(%2 %1) input @change-vec))

(apply-changes changes "Test is good")

(defn good-is-bad [text] (clojure.string/replace text "good" "bad"))

(reg-change changes good-is-bad)

(apply-changes changes "Test is good")
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