phpBB module: WoW raid sign up

Ever since my guild in World of Warcraft first introduced a system for raid sign ups I wished that it was integrated into the forum so I wouldn’t have to login to the forum with one user and the raid sign up system with another (and into the dkp system with a third).

Anyway a little over a year ago I became responsible for the guild forum and looked for a mod for phpBB so raid sign ups would integrate well with the forum. I couldn’t find anything usable at the time so I decided to try write my own phpBB raid sign up mod.

Apart from being fun this little project kept my php skills from rusting totally and I also learned to use Bazaar (a version control system).

Just wanted to blog about it because I think it turned out quite good even though its small. Sure there is room for improvements but hey… the source is there for everybody - change it if you like :D

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