Searching packages on RHEL CD's

Sometimes you have to get primitive … duh.

Today I got really annoyed about the “Package Management” tool on Red Hat EL 4 update 4. When I tried to install the “Development tools” I just got an error that krb5-libs could not be found which was a dependencie of krb5-workstation (1.3.4, 33). Both krb5-libs and krb5-workstation was installed…?!? I’m not Red Hat expert… and that is probably my biggest problem here :)

Back to the commandline… it always works. I had to search the CD’es (afterwards I found that all the packages I needed was on CD3). I made a little search script… dont think anyone can use it… just thought it was fun:

for i in 1 2 3 4 5
    mount -o loop /root/RHEL4-U4-i386-ES-disc$i.iso  /mnt/
    echo "Results on cd $i"
    find /mnt/RedHat/RPMS/ -iname $1\*
    umount /mnt/
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