LinuxParty 2006 and Ubuntu Edgy

Last night (this very early morning) I installed Edgdy Eft Knot 3 on my laptop at LinuxParty 2006 in Roskilde. Tried a network upgrade first… which fucked up totally. Then I trashed my entire system partition and used the live installer…. which worked out great.

For a moment I ran the kernel: 2.6.17-8-generic with which I experienced a problem with suspend (or resume). After I resumed my laptop my screen wasn’t redrawn correctly. After upgrading to 2.6.17-9-generic I haven’t experienced it since… but I haven’t tested it enough to say it is actually gone :)

The new power manager is soo cool :-D

When I’m on battery, LCD dimmed down and Bluetooth and Wireless turned of I only use 6-7W. Really fun to tru out different stuff and watch the graph.

So far the upgrade to Edgy works like a charm… though I still need to get VM-Ware and Citrix Meta Frame installed, but I don’t suspect it to give any trouble.

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