Shuttle wireless not working with WPA in Ubuntu Edgy

Today I used my Ubuntu Linux workstation at home for several hours. I usually only use it for playing World of Warcraft (which until now have been on Windows). When even I need to do some Linux stuff I usually just fire up my trusty IBM x40 laptop, which only takes a few seconds since I always suspend to RAM.

Well while I was playing around with some different things (including getting “World of Warcraft - The Burning Crusade” to run with wine), I got the crazy idea to try use the wireless net instead of the wired. My workstation is a Shuttle and I bought the “special” Shuttle wireless (USB) card, which doesn’t take up the precious single free PCI slot.

The module the card is using is:


When set up from the commandline WPA is working just nicely… but together with Network Manager I can only connect to WEP encryptet networks… this is a know bug :(

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