Sitting on a train

Last friday I got a new computer. After gotten my girlfriend to play World of Warcraft we suddenly found ourselves in the dilemma: 2 people wanting to play but only one computer… mine. I took the consequence and bought a new one - a Shuttle. A really cool little fukka for me - and the old one for her :-)

A first I thought that it would take her a long time to figure it all out but she seems to has gotten a hold of all the keys and stuff really fast. She always says that she is to stupid to play games and for while she had me convinced. I usually thinks that one can learn anything, if you set your mind to it… and now she proven me right.

Right now I’m sitting in a train on my way to Randers, 4 hours from where I live with train. I have some work there tomorrow and have left my girlfriend at home (propably playing World of Wracraft). No worries, she told me that she had made her homework before I went out the door ;-)

I have just finished the movie “Sound of Thunder” - like Triumph would have put it: CRAP! Seriously, I mean it. The story wasn’t convincing, the acting was bad and the effects was really bad. Well I killed some time in the train. I saw a WoW movie about taking down Razor from BWL… Gloin now I’m prepared ;-)