Gnome 3.0 - please integrate Gnome-Do

After reading the the Gnome 3.0 announcements (Vincent Untz, Andre Klapper) yesterday and reading The Plan, I don’t really know if I got exited or dissapointed :)

Anyway Gnome works very well for me already (version 2.26) so I guess the limited amount of visible changes is a plus for me after all. But one thing I would like to see integrate and officially backed by the Gnome Team is Gnome-Do. My desktop experience took a great leap forward after getting used to this way of interacting with my computer. I while back I read a very exiting blog post about incorporating Gnome-Do to the very core of Gnome.

Now THAT would ROCK HARD for something to include in Gnome 3.0 :D

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