LinuxForum follow up

2 weeks ago I attended LinuxForum both as a exhibitor with my work (Casalogic) and as a speaker. For my speach I takled about Windows integration through Samba. This was my first time talking infront of so many people and I was very nervous. Anyway I think it went very well, even thought I had trouble keeping in within the time frame. There is always something to improve but there always is. I think I can do it alot better next time, and I would like the chance to talk more in-depth about Samba and Active Directory integration. Though - first I’d like to play more with it, so I’m prepared for questions and detailed explanations.

You can find the slides I used for my presentation on the LinuxForum 2006 (slides) homepage

LinuxForum gave all speakers a little present: A Cordless screwdriver with the LinuxForum 2006 logo printed on it. VERY COOL.